First switch the button on the side to “ON”. A small light flickers. * On your phone, go to settings, then Bluetooth and switch on. Now it should start looking for the bluetooth remote. * Once ‘Smart Shutter’ occurs connect it. If connected successfully the light of the shutter will be off. * Enter photo mode on mobile camera and press the button to make pictures. Enter film mode on mobile camera and press the button to start and stop filming. Enjoy making pictures! * 3 minutes no operation, the remote goes into sleep mode. When you press the remote button the shutter will wake again. * If you press the button 3 to 5 seconds the connection will be cancelled. We suggest closing the power of the shutter to “OFF” when not using the remote, this saves more battery power.


No picture?
If the BlueTooth Remote does not take a picture when you press the BlueTooth Remote button after you have successfully paired the Remote to the phone. Possible solution: please try to download the free app called ‘360 Camera‘ and use that app to take pictures.
No charging signal?
If you don’t see a white or colored LED light blinking on the remote when you power the BlueTooth Remote. Possible solution: please try to replace the battery for a new one. The Battery type is CR2032.
No keyboard?
If the keyboard does not work when your Bluetooth Remote is connected to your phone Possible solution: Some phones have this problem. To activate the keyboard again you will have to power-off the BT Remote.